About AxIS

Learning Is Our Passion

AxIS’ mission is to build a community that provides interventions, activities, and resources necessary for all to engage with their world. This mission is achieved through the application of ABA principles by highly trained professionals.

This is AxIS’ “trainer to trainer” program where a highly experienced staff member works with you to create behavioral change in your unique environment. These services are provided at your location to parents and caregivers, teachers, trainers, businesses, care homes, and group homes, etc. The goal is to support parents with behavior management.

This includes AxIS’ individualized Behavioral Services which support individuals and their families through crisis intervention, behavioral skills training, behavior management, and social skills training, to name a few. These services can be provided as in-home, in-school, center-based, or in other environments where individuals need support acquiring new skills or seeking support with behavior management.

AxIS offers a wide variety of specialized classes, some of which include:

  • Parenting Courses
  • Toilet Training Courses
  • Care Home CEU courses
  • Supporting Children/Teens with Developmental Delays
  • Guest Teachers and Special Requests
  • BACB CEU opportunities