Behavioral Consulting

Behavioral Consulting is a service used by a wide variety of customers. This service is often in the form of a “trainer to trainer” program where a highly experienced staff member works with a caregiver or individual to create behavioral change in an individual’s environment.

In many instances this services is requested by individuals who would like consultation support facing an issue or problem by getting support in changing his or her own behaviors.

This service can be utilized by care homes or group homes when in need of consultation for their consumers.

This consultation service is also useful for companies looking for support in a variety of areas from organizational structure, staff management, and day to day procedures.

Behavioral Consulting is also useful for schools, teachers, and child-care workers in need of training on learning and classroom management techniques.

If you would like to know more about how AxIS can support you in your environment, please give us a call. At times this services can be funded through private insurance, and in other cases private payment is an option.