Behavioral Consultation

Behavior Consultation is a service used by a wide variety of individuals and/or their caregivers. This service is often in the form of a “trainer to trainer” program model where a highly experienced AxIS staff member works directly with a caregiver to create the desired behavior change providing caregivers with the tools needed to promote behavior management.

Behavior Consultation services are requested by:

  1. Individuals seeking support in changing his or her own behaviors
  2. Care Homes
  3. Group Homes
  4. School Districts
  5. Parents seeking support in teaching their children
  6. Businesses seeking support with organizational structure, staff management, and efficiency of day to day procedures.

While parents request behavior consultation most frequently, AxIS also provides consultation support to a variety of schools and school districts, teachers, child-care workers, licensed care homes and more.

If you would like to know more about how AxIS can support you in your environment, please give us a call.