Care Home Consultation

AxIS has a team of professionals that support consumers in residential facilities. AxIS staff have over 15 years experience providing support to all levels of Residential Service Providers (RSP), especially those classified under Level 4 Residential Service Providers (RSP). In order to achieve best outcomes, AxIS’ consultation hours are focused on client specific plan development, plan modification, and training of direct care staff in plan implementation, and behavior management. AxIS’ consultation hours include consultant participation in Individual Program Plans, observation of client/staff interaction and subsequent related direct care staff training sessions, as determined by the assessed needs of the resident.

The team will support the Residential Service Provider by providing documentation of all visits and notes to support the direct care staff between consultation visits. The AxIS team will create a plan for implementation, monitor the plan’s effectiveness, and provide training and support for direct care staff.

For more information on Behavior Consultation for Residential Facility Providers contact AxIS’ office.