Through AxIS’s mission to build a community that provides interventions, activities, and resources necessary for all to engage with their world, we have the ability to provide ABA services through HIPAA compliant webcam consultation. This remote consultation allows AxIS to consult with and support individuals who live outside of our region or are unable to access in-person services for any reason, and receive ABA services.

AxIS believes the ideal environment for providing ABA services, supervising, monitoring and developing a client program, is traditional face to face support. Traditional services models allow BCBAs to observe the behavior of client’s, therapist’s, and all others in the environment while providing appropriate feedback. However, this may not be feasible at times, due to time, distance, medical or health constraints, and financial constraints. In such cases AxIS can provide video consultation support.


In order to provide this service, individuals need to have the following equipment: 

    • Web camera
    • High speed internet Please check with your current provider to see if it is capable for streaming live webcam sessions.
    • Authorization from a funding source offering this service
  • Document Sharing  a way to transmit and receive documents necessary for services. 



AxIS’s web cam consultation session consist of a full assessment of an individual’s behavior deficits or excesses as they relate to the individual’s daily routines. AxIS will then generate individualized skills to be targeted and taught virtually. Session will consist of a combination of meetings with the individual and their Registered Behavior Technician and hands on implementation by a parent or caregiver. The Behavior Consultant and/or Registered Behavior Technician will provide feedback in regards to the implementation and will support the team in troubleshooting. Follow up appointments will be recommended as needed. 


Consultation hours may range from 2-20 hours per month, depending on the recommendations identified in the assessment and the agreement made between AxIS and the contracting party. 

Contact AxIS’ office for more information.