Rent Our Space

Our facility offers a variety of customizable spaces for your use. This space is ideal for, but not limited to:

  • Home School Events
  • Hosting Classes (Parenting, Continuing Education Units, Yoga, Art, Music, etc.)
  • Massage Therapy
  • Counseling/Therapy Rooms
  • And Many More!

We have three options. The Lounge, The Therapy Room, and the Rec Center. See below for amenity options.

Lounge Therapy Room Rec Center
Heating/AC Yes Yes Yes
WiFi Yes Yes Yes
Access to Cash Snack Bar Yes Yes Yes
Individually Furnished to Fit Your Needs Yes Yes Yes
Free Parking Yes Yes Yes
Use of Kitchenette Yes Yes Yes
Stage with Piano and Speakers No No Yes
Private Desk Space No Yes No
Free Advertising for Services on Community Board Yes Yes Yes
Anytime Day or Night Use Option Yes Yes Yes*

*Concerts and other events may be subject to neighborhood quiet hours.

We are able to rearrange our space to meet your needs. We are able to be open 24/7 for space rentals. Rental agreements are on a first come first serve basis.

Space rental pricing is equal to 30% of the total amount charged for your services. Minimum rent is $10.00/ per hour. Space rental can be a one-time use only or a recurring event. Private event insurance may be required.