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Come hang out with us! AxIS offers social groups for any and all children and teens to get together with similar age peers and engage in high interest activities. All groups are developed and moderated by a highly trained AxIS staff member to ensure that important skills are being practiced and to help everyone have a good time!

Sign up is simple! Use the PayPal buttons on this page to purchase your day and time.

See below for our current schedule:


Mondays 4pm – 6pm: Social Skills and Games; Ages 12 – 17

*If you are interested in a specific topic social skills group (e.g., Dungeons and Dragons, Independent Living Skills, Job Preparation, etc.), please contact us at or (916) 228 – 4169.


Each Session: $10/per person

One Month: $65/per person

All AxIS Clients are funded through their programming fees.

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At this time, payment is only accepted through the website. Please note the name of the player when submitting payment.

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